Designer Spotlight: Frederic Duclos

Designer Spotlight: Frederic Duclos

Frederic Duclos is an award-winning French designer of contemporary sterling silver jewelry. He is originally from Southeastern France, where for several generations, his family has been designing accessories.

Jewelry Creations Team with Frederic Duclos
Frederic Duclos and the Jewelry Creations Team

Frederic’s upbringing cultivated an admiration for art and sculpture. The influence of rolling hillsides with a river running through it and the vast pre-Alps in the distance provided a perfect backdrop for inspiration to start flowing. Walks beside his mom on the Rue d’ Antibe in Cannes with the picturesque French Riviera further stirred the inner voice of the designer.

“Fashion jewelry needs to be versatile, in my opinion. Nothing pleases me more than when I can wear a piece of jewelry with a t-shirt or a little black dress. I’m primarily drawn to our Frederic Duclos line for this reason, but the detail of each design makes my heart skip a beat too.”

— Kelly Glennon, Owner, Jewelry Creations

In his mind, sculpture was limitless, but controlling size and balance to create individual jewelry pieces became his passion. After completing studies in Paris, Frederic was immediately drawn into the allure of jewelry design.

Over the years, Frederic expanded his collection into ornaments and objects d’art and is a recognized as a collectible artist in this specialized field.

Abigail Necklace Abigail Earrings Plated Bracelet

In the mid-90’s, Frederic found a comfortable niche in independent fine jewelry stores, and these have been his primary retail partners for over 2 decades.

Drusy Earrings Drusy Necklace Plated Bracelet

Frederic Duclos has received accolades over the years from notable publications such as Accent Magazine and JCK.

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