Buying & Selling Gold

Today, jewelry is made using a variety of precious metals. In some cases, the value is in the strength and integrity of the metal, as opposed to the rarity.

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium have the highest economic value of all naturally occurring metals. These metals historically were used as currency, but now these metals are deemed valuable based on investment purposes and industrial commodity value. Jewelry Creations can give you a quote for your other precious metal jewelry based on today's ever-changing commodity markets.

The price of gold is changing every minute, which constantly affects the retail cost of fine jewelry. Prior to 2004, gold had been just under $400 per ounce, but as of 2010, the price of gold had risen to well over $1,000 per ounce. This large increase in the value of gold started a big trend among jewelry stores in buying unworn jewelry from their customers. Bring your unworn jewelry into Jewelry Creations, and we can give you a detailed quote based on today's gold market.