Meet the Jewelers at Jewelry Creations

Sarah Babineau and Tom Kelley

Sarah Babineau and Tom Kelley

Our resident bench jewelers are Tom Kelly and Sarah Babineau. They are our "dynamic duo" that make so many amazing things happen for our customers.

They have the skills to handle not only the simple things like ring sizing, re-tipping, and clasp replacement, but they can also tackle the more complicated and intricate detail work with ease.

Tom has 45+ years in the industry and is a watch maker, bench jeweler, and former store owner. It's hard to find a bench jeweler with a more diverse background and experience than Tom. His industry knowledge is expansive. He is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and he has a patent for a jewelry making tool. Tom has also been published, on multiple occasions, in trade magazines. We at Jewelry Creations are incredibly lucky to have someone of his caliber on our team.

Sarah has 10+ years of experience making and repairing jewelry. She graduated from the North Bennett Street School in Boston with a degree in Jewelry Making and Repair. North Bennett Street School is a fine trade school in Boston with courses specifically geared toward fine crafts such as jewelry making. She is adept at delicate, intricate work and is meticulous in her approach to her craft.

Here are a few quotes from our staff about Tom and Sarah:

"Tom has the philosophy that anything is possible - he will always go the extra mile to make the customer happy and get the job done."

"Not only is Tom knowledgeable, but he has a great sense of humor."

"Tom and Sarah work great together as a team. Their skills complement each other to take on any task."

"Sarah is the 'idea person'. Sometimes I talk to her and I don't even know what I'm saying but she always gets it - even when I don't!"

"Sarah is a creative person - a true artist."