Meet the Jewelers at Jewelry Creations

Alex and Autumn, Bench Jewelers at Jewelry Creations

At Jewelry Creations we are proud of the amazing repair work and custom jewelry that we create every day. We are constantly working to ensure that the quality of our repairs are the best you can find, and that our custom jewelry is some of the most innovative.

The cornerstone of that creativity and quality is our bench jewelers. Both of our jewelers, Alex and Autumn, have pretty much seen it all and bring to their work a sense of positivity and a keen eye for the quality and craftsmanship that our store is known for. We are very fortunate to call them both a part of our staff.

Are you a bench jeweler with an eye for quality and a passion for your craft? Come join our team! We're always looking for the best and brightest. Use the links below to see our job descriptions and email Doug Glennon at with your resume.

Alex Rahmann

Alex grew up in Vermont and went to Dartmouth college. She wasn't originally planning on going into jewelry, but after stumbling upon the jewelry workshop at Dartmouth she was hooked. After college she received a more intensive jewelry education at the North Bennet Street School in Boston's north end. While there she studied the manufacture and repair of jewelry.

Since graduating from North Bennet Street School in 2013 she has been working for local independent jewelers like Jewelry Creations, and we're very excited she found her way here. Her constant positivity and "can-do-anything" attitude is an excellent contribution to our team!

Here are some quotes about Alex from our team:

"She's really funny, and easy to talk to about anything"

"Alex has a lot of kind, positive energy and approaches every task with that lens"

"She has the most up-beat attitude I've ever seen!"

Autumn Hampshire

Autumn started her career as a bench jeweler almost 25 years ago. It started with a high school class on jewelry making. At this class she fell in love with creating and designing her own jewelry. From there she travelled to New Mexico to work as an apprentice and learn the trade.

As a Graduate Gemologist she returned to Maine where she has worked as a bench jeweler for local jewelry stores and has focused on hand crafting her own line of jewelry, called "Autumn Designs". You can find her Autumn Designs jewelry for sale in our store.

Here are some quotes about Autumn from our team:

"Autumn is so talented. I'm really impressed with her jewelry making skills."

"She's kind, easy to talk to, and not afraid to take on a challenge."

"Autumn is wildly creative in her designs"