Diamonds - From Budget Pleasers to Budget Busters

Diamonds - From Budget Pleasers to Budget Busters

Whenever people think diamond, they think “that’s not in my budget”, and it’s true that diamonds can get expensive. But it’s not true that they have to be “expensive”. There are a lot of different options to meet all kinds of budgets, so let’s walk through some of those. We will start with the budget pleasers and then work our way up to the budget busters (we can all dream, can’t we?).

Budget Pleaser – $250 - $500

Starting with the budget pleasers we are happy to introduce a new line of jewelry that we found at our last jewelry trade show. This line is from a company called “Bentelli” and they are a silver and diamond jewelry line with fashion-forward designs.

Bentelli Display

The jewelry Bentelli creates is all made from sterling silver which really helps to keep the cost down given the recent increases in gold prices.

Just because this is a silver line does not mean that it lacks in quality, however. Bentelli seeks to differentiate itself from the mass-produced silver jewelry manufacturers by employing highly skilled craftsmen to ensure that it is manufactured with the highest quality possible.

Jeweler setting a diamond

The jewelry also presents well as a gift with each piece being presented in high-quality luxurious packaging, so we can promise that your soon-to-be-gifted will not be disappointed.

Bentelli Packaging

Budget Pleaser in Gold - $400 - $1,500

The next jewelry line is also a budget pleaser, but a little more of a step up because the designers of this jewelry use 14K Gold when creating these gorgeous fashion-forward pieces. The jewelry you find in this collection is perfect for everyday wear but is also just as comfortable when out for a night out. It is designed to be young, fun and have a luxurious appeal.

Shy Creetion Jewelry

Those of you that have shopped with us for a while will recognize this line. We love this collection, and a lot of our staff own their own jewelry from Shy Creation too.

Double Circle Diamond Bangle Diamond Star Pendant in Yellow Gold Diamond Huggies

We love that this line represents such a great value. It’s hard to find a high-quality gold line with diamonds that is at this price point. But what truly makes this collection shine is the design. Shy and his team create jewelry that is fashionable for today’s jewelry buyers. Because of this, this collection is always in high demand so be sure to shop early.

Hug and Kiss XO Diamond Earrings White Gold and Diamond Stackable Ring Diamond Disc Pendant

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All Budgets - Diamond Studs

Hearts On Fire Diamond Studs

The ultimate diamond gift for true every day elegance is a pair of diamond studs. You’ll find this staple in most every woman’s jewelry box. And yes, it’s true that diamonds feel like they “shrink” over time so every now and again an upgrade to larger diamonds is warranted!

Because Hearts On Fire has the best diamond cutters in the world, and consequently the best sparkle, they make perfect diamond studs so we certainly encourage you to check them out. But, we have lots of other budget options in diamond studs, and even lab grown diamonds - more on that down below.

Next Level Budgets - $1,000 and up

We next move into some of the highest-quality jewelry you can find. We have sold Hearts On Fire for a very long time at this store, and there’s a good reason for that. Their slogan “The world’s most perfectly cut diamonds” isn’t just a marketing gimmick. Hearts On Fire employs technology created by NASA and manufacturing processes from Rolls Royce to cut their diamonds in perfect symmetry to ensure the most brilliant sparkle from every single diamond that comes out of their shop.

HOF Signature Circle Pendant Optima Circle Earrings Inside Out Medium Hoop Earrings

Hearts On Fire pieces start at just under $1,000 and go all the way up to “the sky is the limit”. Perfect for commemorating the special moments and milestones in your life, Hearts On Fire is what we call “generational jewelry”. That means not only will you wear it, but you’ll pass it down to the next generation too.

One of the most popular Hearts On Fire items in our store is the “Lorelei Band”. This ring is very versatile – it can be worn as a right-hand ring, in a stack, and even as a wedding band. This band is pretty much guaranteed to come with that “OMG moment”.

HOF Lorelei Band

The Optima pendant is a stunning showpiece that is also a crowd-pleaser. With multiple levels of shimmering diamonds your friends may need to wear sunglasses!

HOF optima Double Circle Pendant

There are a whole host of other pendants with different shapes and sizes as well.

Triplicity Drop Pendant Triplicity Triangle Lariat Necklace Lorelei Diamond Criss Cross Ring

Next Level Budgets Continued

Spark by Jewelry Creations

We also have our own collection of diamond essentials called “Spark by Jewelry Creations”. We have partnered with a manufacturer in New York that has created fine diamond jewelry for some of the best known and highest-quality jewelry lines in the world so that we can bring this level of fine jewelry straight to our customers.

Also generational jewelry, with this collection we are able to bring to you high-quality diamonds paired with high-quality manufacturing, and it’s all made right here in the USA.

Spark 3-Diamond Huggie Earrings 0.90cttw/18KW Spark Diamond and Ruby Ring .96cttw/.67cttw Spark Diamong Bangle 0.52cttw/18KW

One of the favorite pieces in this line is the three row diamond band which features anywhere from 1 - 3 carat total weight of diamonds and is made from 14K white gold.

Spark Celebtration 3-row diamond band

In pendants, our favorite piece is the Spark Expression necklace (lovingly referred to as the “smile necklace”). it features .85 carat total weight of diamonds and is set in 18K white gold.

Spark Expression Necklace

Being diamond essentials, our Spark line also has a host of diamond stud options as well as some bracelets.

If you’re looking for a big wow moment, though, check out this graduated diamond bezel set necklace. It is made from 18K yellow gold and features a total diamond weight of 3 carats!

Spark Graduated Diamond Necklace

Budget Pleaser - Bonus Round

Levitate by Jewelry Creations

Lastly, did you know that Jewelry Creations now has Lab Gown Diamond Jewelry? We are curating our own line of lab-grown diamond jewelry labeled “Levitate by Jewelry Creations”. By connecting with some of the most high-quality manufacturers we are putting together a host of high-quality lab-grown diamond jewelry options.

Levitate by Jewelry Creations

Because these diamonds are man-made, they do not have same rarity as mined diamonds, but the cost is much lower. If you’re curious about lab gown diamonds and not sure where to start, then don’t worry! Our trained sales staff know all the ins-and-outs of natural versus lab diamonds and will be happy to educate you on the differences of each.

Wrapping It All Up

Wrapped Gift

Yes, we even do the wrapping for you! I hope you’ve seen that diamond jewelry does not have to be expensive, and that good high-quality fine jewelry is something that can be handed down between the generations and just might be worth the extra cost for those special milestones and celebrations.

So, whether you’re the shopper looking for generational jewelry, or the shopper looking for that perfect gift to put under the tree without busting the budget, we have options for you.

Don’t hesitate to stop into the store sometime and ask one of our highly trained sales staff to guide you through all of the options available. You can call or send us a text at 603-749-3129 as well.

Happy Gifting!