Home-Bound Pearls of Wisdom

Home-Bound Pearls of Wisdom

Above all else, we hope everyone is safe and healthy at home. And speaking of being home, we thought we’d take this time to provide some jewelry nuggets for your reading pleasure! Some "Pearls of Wisdom", if you will. These are some things you can do or think about at home that relate to your jewelry - hopefully it will help pass the time.


Do you have your beautiful jewelry insured? If not, you should consider it. A good insurance plan will cover the full value of your jewelry in the event of damage, theft, accidental loss, and mysterious disappearance. And if you do have your jewelry insured, when is the last time you had the appraisal updated? Most insurance companies require an updated appraisal every 5-7 years. Now is a great time to look through your paperwork and get your insurance organized.

We provide full jewelry appraisals as well as updates. Please reach out if we can be of help. 

Jeweler inspecting a piece of jewelry in a microscope

Custom Design

While you are home, look through your jewelry box. Do you have loose gemstones, earrings you no longer wear, or rings that are a bit outdated?

Consider the possibilities! We love custom design and would be happy to create a design for you – free of charge. No cost unless you decide to move forward with the project.

Example of a Custom Ring with CAD and Wax Mold

Example of a Custom Ring with CAD and Wax Mold

Bezel Set Ring Before and After

A bezel set ring with customer's diamonds

Pro tip: Don't risk losing any gemstones! We suggest you put your worn or damaged jewelry into a Ziploc bag and close it tight. This will hold everything in one place. 

Scrap Gold

While you are rummaging through your jewelry box, pull out any old gold chains, charms, mountings, etc. If you know you will never wear them, consider scrapping them. We buy scrap gold and even offer an additional 10% premium if you use the scrap value towards a purchase or custom design project with us.

Image of model spelling "gold"
Photo by rawpixel from Burst

Jewelry Care

This time at home may very well find you doing projects around the house. Please be mindful of your jewelry, particularly rings, while working around the home. Household chemicals can be harmful to metal, diamonds and gemstones. And if you are tackling home improvement projects, you are at risk of damaging prongs and chipping stones. We recommend taking off your rings at home and placing them somewhere safe and secure when you are doing any of these, or other grueling tasks.

Jewelry Cleaning

You can clean your jewelry at home with our At-Home Cleaning Kit. It's not as good as our in-store deep cleaning, but it should be enough to get you through this storm. Note that we can't ship our cleaning kit because it has liquid, but it is available for curbside pickup.

Our At-Home Cleaning Kit

When the time is right for us to all be out and about again, we STRONGLY encourage you to bring your rings in for a FREE clean and check. Let us check your prongs, make sure your stones are tight and get everything sparkly. Our multi-step cleaning process will have your jewelry looking good as new!

Ring in steamer getting cleaned

Are your kids interested in jewelry and gemstones?

If your children are at all like our son, Minecraft has them thinking about gemstones. Through our partnership with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), we have access to a wide array of educational material. Please email or text us if you are interested. Why not take some time to have your kids learn more about their favorite gemstones? Any child that participates is welcome to come visit us when it is safe to do so to receive a free gemstone. If you or your kiddos have any questions, there is a chat feature on our website. We are happy to answer any questions.

Image of Gem Kids Website