Jewelry Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 2019/2020

Jewelry Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 2019/2020

The air is cool and crisp and you‘ve started wearing layers, no doubt. Extra layers, including scarves and hats just means your jewelry accessories need to “pop” more than ever. Don‘t hold back when it comes to accessories because we are happy to report that large, statement pieces and bright colors are still on point for fashion trends as we enter fall and winter. So rock those big hoops, layer those necklaces and show the world you mean business with that statement fashion ring.

We follow fashion very closely here at Jewelry Creations. We travel the globe to bring you the latest and greatest and are constantly studying fashion blogs, magazines and designers. Based on our research, here are our top 5 jewelry fashion looks that are must haves this fall/winter season.

1. Layers don‘t just pertain to clothing in the cooler weather. The layered necklace look is definitely #trending. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be mindful of your neckline – typical necklaces come in 16” – 24”, with much longer options available for fashion pieces. We suggest wearing one small (16”) diamond stud or simple solitaire piece- or even a choker - to define your neckline and set the stage for your layered look.
  • Mix metals and thicknesses – the days of wearing all yellow gold or all silver are GONE! Mixing metals is the way to go and makes such a bold fashion statement.
  • Don‘t forget about pearls – colored pearls are all the rage and the longer the strand the better.

Image of Woman with Layered Necklaces Image of Woman with Layered Necklaces

2. Chunk up! Your jewelry, that is. Chunky bracelets, rings and watches are more popular than ever. In fact, we are even seeing a trend in women buying men‘s watches to achieve that big look. Chunky bracelets and stacked bracelets are carry-overs from the spring/summer top looks, but the change in season gives you the perfect opportunity to rock those bold colors. And go through your mom‘s old jewelry because yellow gold is back. Fashion rings on multiple fingers is hot too — good thing you have 10 fingers to decorate!

Bracelets on someone's wrist Rings on someone's hand
Criss-cross rings on someone's hand

3. Dangles for days. Did you watch the Emmys this year? The dangle earring adorned the ears of our favorite actresses and what a beautiful look! Hair pulled back or worn long, all different necklines – the dangle earring is a timeless and beautiful way to make a fashion statement.

Picture of dangle earrings Shy Creation Earrings

4. Tassels have made an appearance on all the runways in all different kinds of jewelry styles – necklaces and earrings. Tassels are a fun and easy way to add a slightly bohemian vibe to any look. Dress them up or wear with a turtleneck – they are versatile and subtle yet make a statement.

Gold necklace with tassel pendantGold necklace with tassel pendant

5. Piercing party anyone? Multiple and even uneven piercings are increasing in popularity. Unlike the days of having all small studs crawling up your ear,  fashionistas today are mixing earring shapes, colors and even rocking 6 piercings on one ear and just one or two on the other. This is your chance to let your personality shine through, but don‘t be bashful – the holes can always close up.

Picture of ear with multiple earrings Picture of ear with multiple earrings