Men's Fashion Jewelry - Yes, You Can Do This!

Men's Fashion Jewelry - Yes, You Can Do This!

When you ask any jeweler about men's fashion they will tell you that it's back. When you ask any guy on the street they generally give you a look like "you're kidding right?"

What we here at Jewelry Creations think is that men's fashion jewelry actually is back (we are jewelers after all), but that men's fashion is simply more subtle and subdued today than what it might have been in the past. Let's step through a few different options.

We will start with the most essential piece of any gentleman's fashion lineup - the watch. What? You don't wear a watch? Of course you don't - you have your phone to check the time whenever you need.

When someone does ask you the time, however, what do you do? You go digging through your pockets to get your phone out, and then you swipe or push buttons to make the screen come on. All the while you're staring at a phone instead of paying attention to the person standing right in front of you. Maybe she's impressed with your uncanny ability to grab your phone and swipe quick, but I'm guessing no.

There's something timeless about having a watch (see what I did there?). When someone asks you the time and you subtly slide your wrist up to glance at your watch they can see that you're a person that cares about your look and that you're a person that cares about giving other people the attention they deserve. Furthermore, the watch that you choose says a lot about who you are, and your own personal sense of style. I can assure that she will be more impressed with a nice watch on your wrist than your latest gadget.

If you do nothing else with fashion jewelry, you should really wear a watch. It doesn't have to be the most expensive watch out there, it just has to look nice and fit your personality. The great thing about a watch is that's it's very easily added to any wardrobe without going crazy on size, look or budget. There are a ton of different options out there.

For a simple and clean look, the Bering watches provide great options. Check out the Bering catalog here. You can also go with some more elaborate looks with the Zeppelin watches, which you can see in the store (we'll have them up on the site soon).

Zancan CufflinksThe other staple pieces are tie bars and cuff links. Yes, your grandfather wore them. And yes, you should too. These are two of the most simple pieces of jewelry to show the world that you've arrived and you care about the finer details. Plus, a tie bar keeps your tie from floppin' around all over the place, which is kind of a big deal. Check out some different tie bars here, and some cuff links over here. You should also check out GQ's YouTube video on how to wear a tie bar.

Moving into the next level you will want to try a bracelet... Ahem... Still reading? Good. It's not as scary as it sounds. But, we do suggest that you keep it simple. Don't go with more than one, unless you're some kind of pro and are ready to pull it off. You should also stick to something relatively thin and not too showy - again, some professionals out there are ready go big, but you should start off simple if you haven't done it before.

Zancan Men's BraceletThere are two general options that men like when wearing a bracelet. The first is on the opposite wrist of the watch. The second option is to stack the bracelet on the same wrist as the watch and pair up the look. Both are great, so just decide which you prefer. Just don't go crazy and have more than a couple pieces on the wrist.

Also be aware of what size guy you are. If you have smaller wrists then find pieces that aren't large and have a big look. If you're 6' 5" and have huge wrists then you can step into larger pieces with bigger looks.

IB Goodman carries some great traditional bracelet styles that will fit with a lot of different wardrobes. They also have their "Americana" line which has a shotgun cap style, which can create a really interesting "otudoorsy" look. Check out IB Goodman's products here.

IB Goodman Americana BraceletOur other men's fashion line is called "Zancan". If you really want to show that you're both rugged and fashionable, then this is the place to be. They come from Italy and have all kinds of styles to complete all kinds of looks. See the Zancan line here.

Ok, so now we move into necklaces. This is where some guys have one of two reactions. They either run for the hills, or they escalate way too quickly. If you're already into men's fashion jewelry and are already pulling off large chains (think, my man, Mookie Betts), then we say go for it.

If you're new to this stuff, then start small and stick to a long leather rope with a small pendant on the end, or stick to around a 22" length rope chain that is not too thick. Like most things in life, simple is the way to go. Here's a rope chain from Zancan to get you started.

Lastly it's onto rings. Again, keep it simple and don't go overboard here (are you sensing a theme?). Stick to no more than one ring per hand to start - that includes your wedding band.

Oh, and we generally suggest staying away from thumb rings. Some guys with certain looks can pull it off (think tatted sleeve and plugs), but most can't. Pinky rings are ok, but if you're just starting out go with a right hand ring finger ring that matches your sense of style. There are a ton of options, see some IB Goodman rings here.

To sum up, when stepping into men's fashion jewelry, start slow. That is, don't go all in with a huge gold chain or huge diamond-crusted watch if you've never worn a piece of jewelry before. Also, don't go and get everything all at once. Start by adding one piece, then give it some time to see how it feels before adding the next.

Above all else, be comfortable with, and be confident in, what you're wearing. If you're not comfortable in it, people will know.

Also know that you should have different options for different occasions - you may not be wearing a tie bar and cuff links every day, but you should have them available when you need so that you're not scrambling to buy cuff links on your way to your best friend's wedding... And, yes, I have actually been there before.

Finally, if you have any questions at all on the matter please reach out to us. We would love to help you get started and point you in the right direction.