Mother's Day Gift Guide: Every Mom Deserves to Shine!

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Every Mom Deserves to Shine!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the extraordinary women in our lives than with exquisite jewelry? We've curated a stunning collection that caters to every budget. Whether you're looking for a heartfelt token or a show-stopping piece, we've got you covered.

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Let's dive into our Mother's Day Gift Guide:

Gifts Under $100

Gold Plated Flex Bangle with Simulated Pearls and Crystals

Price: $25.00

Two rows of simulated pearls and sparkling crystal stones make this bangle a great choice. Elegant and affordable!

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Flex Bangle with Blue and White Crystals

Price: $25.00

Add a touch of color with this chic bangle featuring blue and white crystals. Perfect for everyday outfits.

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Sterling Silver & 22K Gold Vermeil Pendant with Blue Topaz

Price: $90.00

A delicate pendant that combines sterling silver and gold vermeil, adorned with a mesmerizing blue topaz.

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22K Gold Vermeil & Sterling Silver Swiss Blue Topaz Earrings

Price: $90.00

These earrings exude elegance, featuring Swiss blue topaz stones set in a harmonious blend of gold and silver.

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Sterling Silver Gold Plated Hoop Earrings

Price: $95.00

Classic hoop earrings with a modern twist — perfect for any mom's style.

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Circulation Earrings

Price: $100.00

These earrings are gold plated over sterlign silver. They are a playful design that adds movement and flair to her look.

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Gifts $100 - $500

Colby Davis Sunflower Pendant

Price: $135.00

Symbolize warmth and positivity with this sunflower pendant — a beautiful reminder of love and growth.

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Sterling Silver Zenith Earring with Medium Pearl

Price: $215.00

The square design and lustrous pearl create a sophisticated statement.

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Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Zenith Pendant

Price: $225.00

You can even pair this pendant with the earrings for the full effect.

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Sterling Silver 11mm Pink Solitaire Pearl Pendant with Adjustable Chain

Price: $290.00

Classic peark jewelry, while a pop of pink adds vibrancy to her neckline.

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Simple Sweep Turquoise Earrings

Price: $395.00

Turquoise stones evoke tranquility and balance — perfect for a mindful mom.

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Gifts $500 - $1,000

Sterling Silver Rockstar Bracelet with Gold Stars

Price: $540.00

Let her shine like a rockstar with this sterling silver and gold bracelet.

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Blue Pimeria Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold and Enamel Finish

Price: $606.00

The enamel finish adds a touch of artistry to this pendant.

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Blue Pimeria Stud Earrings Set in 18K Gold

Price: $848.00

Complete the set with these matching stud earrings.

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Gifts $1,000 and More

Diamond Marquise Necklace with Adjustable Chain in 14K Yellow Gold

Price: $810.00

Marquise-cut diamonds create a captivating look.

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Diamond Huggies with .32 Carat Total Weight Diamonds in 14K White Gold

Price: $1,275.00

It's Mother's Day - who doesn't want a hug?

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14K White Gold .24 Carat Total Weight Diamond Antique Style Ring

Price: $1,570.00

Vintage-inspired elegance for a timeless mom.

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Flower Stud Earrings with .41 Carat Total Weight Diamonds in 18K White Gold

Price: $1,870.00

Adorn your Mom with a blooming beauty that never fades.

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Hearts On Fire Vela Crossover Pendant with .46 Carat Diamonds

Price: $3,600.00

Let her heart ignite with this dazzling pendant.

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Hearts On Fire Copley Bangle in 18K White Gold or Yellow Gold

Price: $3,900.00

A bangle that epitomizes sophistication. Choose white, or yellow.

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Sapphire and Diamond Pendant with .61 Carat Sapphire

Price: $3,935.00

Vintage style meets modern luxury.

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Hearts On Fire Copley Bangle in 18K Gold and Platinum

Price: $7,000.00

A true masterpiece for the queen of your heart.

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Personalized Jewelry

Are you looking for a unique piece that reflects your Mom's individuality? Here are some personalized options to consider. Just note that we typically need 1 - 2 weeks to personalize jewelry for you, so make sure you stop in before April 27.

The great thing about personalized jewelry is that the style varies, we can help you create whatever you can dream up! Here are some ideas to get you started thinking...

Custom Initial Necklace

Engrave her initial or the initials of her loved ones on a delicate necklace. It's a subtle yet meaningful way to carry their presence close to her heart.

Birthstone Rings

Choose a ring featuring her birthstone. Whether it's a vibrant ruby, a serene aquamarine, or a sparkling diamond, this personalized touch celebrates her birth month.

Engraved Bracelets

Select a bracelet with an engraved message—a quote, a date, or a heartfelt word. It's a secret reminder just for her.

Family Tree Pendant

Capture generations of love with a family tree pendant. Add birthstones to represent family members—children, grandchildren, or even fur babies.

Nameplate Necklace

Spell out her name or a meaningful word in a stylish nameplate necklace. It's a trendy and personal accessory.

Coordinates Jewelry

Engrave the coordinates of a special place—a hometown, where she met her partner, or a cherished vacation spot. It's a beautiful way to commemorate memories.

Remember, personalized jewelry isn't just about the design; it's about the sentiment behind it. Let us help you create a piece that tells her story. Visit Jewelry Creations today and let her shine with something truly one-of-a-kind!