Mother's Day is Almost Here

Mother's Day is Almost Here

Can you believe that May 14th is coming right up? It's that time of year where we all collectively pause for a moment and take stock in just how impactful the moms in our lives truly are. From your own mother to the mother of your child to all those fur-mama's, there is no shortage of love to go around.

In our gift guide we are going to take you through some of our favorite gift ideas that any mom is going to love. We will start with some ideas for customized jewelry and then move through some ideas on price-points starting at just $25.

For those that are prone to TL;DR, you can skip right to our full gift list here, or jump down to each category with these links:

Custom Jewelry

This is the most fun category. You get to customize a piece of jewelry with birth stones, names, and more. We have a lot of different ideas and inspiration to get you the perfect gift, but you can also let your imagination run free if you want - we will create a CAD rendering and then cast the one-of-a-kind jewelry of your dreams.

First up for design inspiration is the classic Mother's Ring. You can place the birthstones of your children into the ring. It's a time-tested winner that will remind her every day of the loves of her life.

Classic Mother's Ring

Next up we have a Mother's Ring with some extra bling. Who doesn't like extra bling right? This one has the birthstones bezel set in the center of the ring with two sets of diamonds on either side.

Mother's Ring with Diamonds

Continuing with the birth-stone theme, we have a bar pendant that can be customized to however many birthstones you need.

Bar Pendant with Birthstones

This pendant is a fan favorite - a gold tag pendant with names and birthstones all in one.

Tag Pendant with Names and Birthstones

This pendant is the "Tree of Life" that is meant to symbolize the family tree and family roots. It can be customized to add birthstones.

Tree of Life Pendant with Birthstones

One last bit of inspiration for you is a chain with individual Initials set directly within. This one is sure to be a daily-wear fave.

Chain with Individual Initials

Don't forget, we can create anything that you have in your head, so if you don't see what you're looking for our expert associates can help you design exactly what you have in mind.

Gifts Under $100

We strive to have something for everyone here at Jewelry Creations. To that end, you'll find great gifts starting at $25. These awesome bangles are super cute, and super-flexy, to make it a breeze to get on and off. They are not on the website just yet, but should be soon.

Stretchy Bangles

Next is the Colby Davis line of pendants - these are very popular and perfect for a "Seacoast Mom". Colby Davis is a Mother/Daughters team based right down in Massachusetts and their are a whole host of options for different sizes, colors, and sayings on each pendant. For Mother's Day we suggest the Tree of Life and Mother/Daughter pendants.

Mother/Daughter Pendant Family Tree Pendant

Gifts $100 to $1,000

The first suggestion is another Colby Davis pendant with the message "Love you to the moon and back"

Love you to the moon and back pendant

Another jewelry line that is always a big hit for us is "EL Designs", formerly known as Ed Levin. This is a collection of hand-crafted jewelry made in upstate New York and it's been a fan favorite for years at our store. 

This Nautlius Bue Topaz Pendant is sure to be a hit. It's made from Sterling Silver and features a lovely blue topaz at the center of a swirl design.

Nautilus Blue Topaz Pendant

Another EL Designs favorite is the Signature Bracelet. It's also made of sterling silver and is very comfortable to wear every day. It's easy to get on and off by simply stretching it open.

EL Designs Signature Bracelet

If you're looking for a watch, then look no further. This Michele Deco Butterfly is a whimsical take on the classic Michele Deco. The strap that it comes with is white, but the great thing about Michele watches is that the straps are easily interbangeable and we have different colors in stock if you wanted to give your favorite Mom a few different options to go with whatever outfit she's wearing.

Michele Deco Butterfly

Gifts Over $1,000

First up is diamond studs. These are a true time-tested classic that belong in anyone's wardrobe. They go with everything, whether that be jeans and a t-shirt or a full evening gown. If your Mom doesn't have diamond studs yet, then get on down here and pick some out!

But diamond studs are too expensive you ask? Well, not quite so anymore. We have lots of different options of not only color and clarity, but also between natural mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are manufactured instead of mined, but they are 100% a diamond. They're just manufactured instead of mined. Because they're manufactured they are not as rare as natural diamonds, and the price reflects that.

We have a whole host of options starting at just a few hundred dollars, going all the way to "wow". Our expert associates will guide through the process and all the different options to make sure you get just what you need within your budget.

No gift list is complete without our favorite line of diamond jewelery. Hearts On Fire's slogan is "The World's Most perfectly Cut Diamond", and they have backed that claim up in a court of law - and won multiple times. What makes them so perfect is the way that they polish the diamonds. They use anti-vibration technology developed by the likes of NASA and Rolls Royce, and they have specific processes to cut each diamond to the exact same specifications every time.

So meet the classic, yet contemporary, Signature Petal Pendant by Hearts On Fire. This pendant is one of those "goes with everything" types. Dress it up or down, it is at home for a night out or a day in the board room.

Hearts On Fire Signature Petal Pendant

Also from Hearts On Fire is the Copley Bangle. Made with 18K Gold and those signature Hearts On Fire diamonds, this bangle is a show piece for anyone.

Copley Bangle

Recently we brought in a new line of gold and diamond bangles, and they are nothing short of stunning. This is fine jewelry at its best with high quality manufacturing, and clear and bright diamonds. We are excited to be sharing more of the line with you in the coming weeks, but stop in anytime and we will show you all the latest.

Here is one that we are absolutely in love with. It's an 18K gold wrap-style bracelet with .45 carat total weight of diamonds.

18K Gold Wrap Bracelet

And the last up for this blog post is another "perfect for the seacoast mom" type of gift. It is a pendant featuring a sailboat set in 14K gold and made with mother of pearl, abalone, and a diamond sail.

Sailboat Pendant

That is it for this blog post, but we have a ton more ideas. You can see all of the best Mother's Day gift ideas right here.