Picture of permanent jewelry on a person's wrist

Permanent Jewelry - What's That About?

A lot of people aren't really sure what this whole "permanent jewelry" trend is all about, so let me explain. At its simplest, it is a piece of jewelry that you put on your wrist, or ankle, and never take off. There is no clasp, no "standard" way to remove it, and it's welded in place so that it stays put - always. It's there to accompany you on all of life's adventures, from the mundane to the extraordinary. Whether you're conquering the boardroom, hitting the dance floor, or simply enjoying a cozy night in, your permanent jewelry will be by your side, adding a touch of glamour to every moment.

Picture of different permanent jewelry chain types

How it Works

Uh, wait a second, did you just say "welded in place"?? I did. But don't worry. It's perfectly safe. We have an Arc Welder that is made just for this exact purpose. It has a tiny tip on the end, and gives a little "zap" to whatever chain you select, fusing the chain in place. Nothing ever touches your skin, and we use a protective barrier between your skin and the chain. There is absolutely zero pain involved.

Picture of permanent jewelry chain being welded

If you're worried about it being with you forever, and ever, and ever, and... then don't worry about that either. If you find that you really don't like having it be permanent, then we can actually take it off. Just come on in and we'll use a pair of snippers to remove it. One or two links will be lost, but that's about it. If you find you love it, but don't want it on all the time, we can even just put a traditional clasp on there for you so that you can keep wearing it in a more traditional non-permanent way.

What It is Not

Permanent jewelry is not attached to your skin. It is simply a chain that you wear, but it is "closed shut" instead of having a clasp on it.

Guys, too? Heck yeah!

A lot of guys might think that this isn't something for them, but we have links for men, too. Most guys typically want a heavier chain, so we have this silver curb chain style that looks super cool for those that like a bit of a beefier look.

Picture of silver curb chain as a bracelet

Still Not Sure?

If you're still not sure, but are interested, don't worry - we got you. Just come on in, and we will show you how everything works and tell you all the "ins and outs". Once you know how it works, it's up to you. No pressure here.

Did I Hear Someone Say BOGO?!

But wait, there's more! We know you love a good deal, so we've got a treat for you. Every Thursday night, from 5-7pm, prepare to be dazzled by our exclusive "Buy One Get One 50% Off" offer. Yes, you heard it right! It's a chance to double the enchantment and build your collection of permanent jewelry at an irresistible price. Grab your bestie, set your alarms, mark your calendars, and get ready to sparkle like never before! We are even known to provide champagne and/or mocktails on our late nights - so long as we get to join in on the fun!

Ready to Join The Latest Trend?

Are you ready to take the plunge into the latest trend in jewelry? Permanent jewelry is here to make your wildest sparkle dreams come true. It's time to embrace your inner diva, adorn yourself in brilliance, and let your personality shine through.

Come and explore our collection today, and let's embark on this journey together. It's time to unleash your inner shimmer and embrace the enchantment of permanent jewelry. Get ready to sparkle and shine like the true jewelry rockstar you are!