The Great Watch Swap of 2023

The Great Watch Swap of 2023

We all have that "junk drawer" in our house, and inevitably, there's an old busted up watch sitting in there that's not even worth the cost to repair. Well, lucky for you, it's time to take one piece of junk out of that junk drawer and get something useful out of it.

From now through September we are offering you the chance to get $50 for that watch - no matter the brand, quality, or condition. Just bring that ol' beater to the store and we'll give you $50 off the purchase of an entirely new watch valued at $350 or more.

It's that simple - we scrap out the old watch and any usable parts, and you get a shiny new watch! We're on a mission to clean up everyone's wrists, so help us help you!

But... Options?

I bet your curious about what options await, though. I'm glad you asked! We carry both Michele and Tissot watches, so there is something that is sure to fit your tastes. We'll start with the classics, then into the sporty watches, retro watches, divers, and finally end with a tech watch.

The Classics

Michele Deco

The Deco is the O.G. of Michele watches, and Michele's most popular line. The Deco comes with and without diamonds, and with metal bracelets, silicon straps, or leather straps. The great thing about all Michele watches is that they come with interchangeable straps so that you can mix and match different color bands with your watch to fit with whatever outfit you're wearing. This has been Michele's hallmark for decades, and still is.

Deco Madison

You will find the Madison on the wrists of all kinds of fashionistas. The Madison comes with a bracelet, and comes with or without diamonds

Michele Deco Two Ton

Deco Sport Butterfly and Dolphin

Add a little pop of color and fun with these two Deco's. One has a butterfly pattern and the other has a dolphin pattern. The Deco Dolphin has a blue mother of pearl face that makes for a striking design using the contrasting colors of blue and gold.

Deco Sport Butterfly

Deco Sport Dolphin

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80

This watch looks amazing. The watch face is a deep green with a circular ridged surface. Combined with the metal bracelet this watch is ready for any board room. Plus, it's a green face, which is perfect for us Dover peeps!

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80

Michele Serein

Also in the board room crowd is the Michele Serein. With its traditional circular shape, the Serein looks great both with and without diamonds.

Michele Serein

Tissot Tradition

Can you get more classic than a watch called "Tradition"? The Tissot Tradition models are inspired by 1950's design. The vintage-style is perfectly balanced with the classical details and subtle finishes. This one is called an "Open Heart" style which shows a small piece of the inner mechanisms of the watch.

Tissot Tradition Open Heart

Sporty Watches

If you're looking for something a little bit different, or a little more low key, then you have to check out these sporty watches. I have found that after having a few traditional watches I'm starting to enjoy branching out into pops of color and watches that just look a little bit different. Because of this I get to mix and match my watch for my outfit or my mood.

Michele Sporty Sport Sail

A great every day watch, the Sporty Sport Sail has the interchangeable straps that Michele is known for. With a wide array of watch straps available you can easily pop one off and put on a different color to match any outfit.

Michele Sporty Sport Silicone Watch

Tissot Heritage 1973

This is one of my all around favorite Tissot watches. The detail and the subtle nuances make this watch truly stand out. Designed to honor the F1 racers of the 1970's this watch has subtle nods to the racing industry, such as the strap that mimics car racing gloves, a tachymeter for measuring distance and speed, along with a full chrono for tracking your lap times.

Tissot Heritage 1973

Tissot Supersport Chrono

The Supersport Chrono's are meant to inspire a more futuristic design with intricate details on the buttons and a second sweep hand that you can find in different bold colors. They also feature a tachymeter for measuring distance and speed over time.

Tissot Supersport Chrono

I particularly like the NATO strap on this one.

Tissot Supersport Chrono with NATO strap

Tissot T-Race

The T-Race line of watches honors motorcycle racers with its caliper-like bezel and bolt-inspired lugs. We have one limited edition Marc Marquez watch left that you have to see. It's a chrono watch that has red and black inner faces with a stainless steel outer bezel with black accents.

Tissot Mark Marquez Limited Edition

Tissot T-Race

Diver Watches

Tissot Seastar

Tissot's line of diver watches is the "Seastar" line. It starts with quartz movements that are water resistant to 3 ATMs, and goes all the way up to the Seastar 2000 Professional which is water resistant to approximately 600 meters (1968 ft.), is ISO 6245 (2018) compliant and has a hydrogen release valve, paired with a workhorse Powermatic 80 movement.

Seastar 2000 Professional

The Seastar 1000's are quartz movements, which means they run on a battery, and as mentioned, they are water resistant to 3 ATMs. All Seastars feature a screw down crown to ensure it's water tight, so don't forget to screw it down before getting in the water.

Tissot Seastar Orange

Seastar 1000 Red and Blue

Retro Watches

Tissot Sideral

The Sideral is my latest, greatest, and most faved, watch. I have been wearing it non stop since we got the first batch in a month or so ago. I wear the yellow and it looks fantastic against a contrasting color scheme, such as a dark blue shirt. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing it right now as I'm typing this blog post! The Sideral comes in blue, yellow, and black. We have the powder blue in stock right now, and are waiting to get more in, so let us know if you want a specific color and we will get it in for you!

Picture of Tissot Sideral in Yellow

Tissot PRX

Also a favorite of mine (umm, ok, I have a lot of favorites!), is the Tissot PRX. The PRX has retro 70's styling. We have options in both silicon straps and metal bracelets. The silicon straps add a cool pop of color with a casual look, whereas the stainless steel bracelets have a higher-end look. Both are fantastic for a night out.

Tissot PRX with Blue Dial

Tissot PRX with Blue Strap

Tech Watch

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

Lastly, we offer a connected watch. The T-Touch Connect Solar is a watch that rarely, if ever, needs charging. It has a built in solar panel that helps keep the watch charged and Tissot built the Operating System to be super efficient. The watch connects to your phone via bluteooth and presents any alerts to you on your watch. It tracks steps and activities, has a built in compass, multiple timezone rendering, a connected app, and more.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar in Red

Wrapping Up

I hope this gave you some helpful inspiration on cleaning up your wrist! We have a whole case of watches for you to see beyond what I presented here, so the only thing left to do is come on in, pick one out, and "wrap it up". See you soon!