The Look of Love by Ilaria Lanzoni

The Look of Love by Ilaria Lanzoni

Picture of Ilaria Lanzoni, designer of the Look of Love collection

At Jewelry Creations we are always looking for the best and brightest, and we're always looking to bring the newest and most fashionable in the jewelry industry straight to you. Well, we're at it again, and we are so pleased to be working with one of the world's most renowned jewelry designers, Ilaria Lanzoni, to bring you this new collection.

Ilaria has been the lead designer for some of the most sought-after brands in the industry, such as Hearts on Fire and Garrard Fine Jewelry. At the helm of these design houses she created award-winning pieces — such as the one-of-a-kind Serafina necklace, which won the Haute Couture Design Award for 2015 in Las Vegas — and developed countless trendsetting designs that remain iconic. Grounded in the belief that inspiration exists all around her, Italian-born Ilaria Lanzoni has been creatively immersed since she was very young.

In her latest venture, Ilaria is building her own brand — “Ilanzoni” — and her first collection is called “The Look of Love”, and all you have to do is take one look and you'll be in love!

The Look of Love was inspired by a childhood nickname — voglus — meaning “eyes” in Lanzoni’s northern Italian dialect — given to her and her sisters by their adoring grandmother, whose love was conveyed through the sparkle in her eyes.

The collection contains pendants, earrings and rings - and everything is made right here in the USA. All feature marquis diamonds to convey the shape of the eye, and the sparkle within.


The Look of Love Pendants

This is the signature Look of Love necklace. They come in three sizes - small, medium and large. The small necklace contains an approximately .20 carat marquise diamond. The medium necklace has an approximately .36 carat weight diamond and the large necklace has a marquise diamond weight of approximately .60 carats with melee diamond accents for a total carat weight of approximately 0.70. Each comes in either 18K White Gold or 18K Yellow Gold. 

Scalloped Pave Band in White Gold

Next is the pave scalloped band. This ring looks amazing, and makes a perfect stand-alone, wedding band, or stackable ring. Also in 18K White or Yellow Gold, this ring contains 0.25 carat total weight of diamonds. There's also a 5-stone band available.

Picture of Love Note Ring

While not a part of the "Look of Love" collection, recently Ilaria created a heart-shaped ring for herself. Everyone, including us, needed to have it and pushed her to manufacture it, and so she did! It's called the “Love Note” ring.

As mentioned, we're in love with this new collection, and in love with Ilaria. She's an amazing designer and one of the kindest, most down-to-earth people you're going to meet. We are looking forward to bringing you her latest creations for years to come!

You can check out the Ilanzoni collection on our website, or stop on in the store to see it in person!