Top 5 “I’m really starting to like you” Gift Ideas

Top 5 “I’m really starting to like you” Gift Ideas

We have all been there. You have been dating only a little while and things are going great! Too early to tell if you found “the one,” but enough time has gone by to know the relationship is special. You probably haven’t said “I love you” yet, but maybe getting close. Sound familiar?

Couple on first date

And then, bam – you’re facing the first gift-giving celebration as a couple - whether it be a Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. You want a gift that says, “I care about you” or maybe even “I really care about you,” but doesn’t cross any lines that would result in mixed signals.

This is a scenario we are faced with ALL the time, so we’ve compiled a Top 5 list of “I’m really starting to like you” gift ideas.

#1 Star Themed Jewelry

The first set of items on our list is star-themed jewelry. Stars are timeless and hold special meaning. Symbolizing success and hope, they are a great way to express aspirations and make someone feel extra special, all the while staying a bit neutral.

Diamond Star Earrings

These diamond star earrings are stud earrings without the added pressure of the traditional diamond stud prong set earrings. Hip and cute, they match with all kinds of occasions. They’re comfortable going out for the night, going to work, sitting in yet another Zoom meeting, or just sitting on the couch.

Rockstar Bracelet

Are you dating a rockstar? You can show her how much of a rockstar she really is with this bracelet. The bracelet expands by simply pulling on the edges to expand and fit over the fist. The yellow star has a solo diamond set inside to accentuate the brightness of a star.

Diamond Star Pendant in Yellow Gold

This pendant looks amazing and is sure to get a ton of "oohs" and "ahhs". Her friends will be super-jelly.

#2 Engraveable Jewelry

Our next go-to is engravable jewelry. It is a wonderful way to present a very meaningful gift. Engrave a name, initials, date, a favorite quote or maybe even a special song lyric.

Sterling Silver Bar Pendant

This bar pendant was built to be engraved. It is made of sterling silver and features a small bezel set CZ stone in the bottom right, and even includes the chain.

Diamond Bar ID Necklace

This pendant will keep your message close to her heart and is an upgrade over the bar pendant above. It is made of white gold and has real diamonds set with a .12 carat total weight of diamonds. Extra diamonds means extra sparkle. Who doesn’t want that?

Silver Oval Bracelet

This bracelet is made from Sterling Silver and has an oval at the top that leaves space for an engraving. It’s a simple piece that isn’t too flashy, but doesn’t just disappear on someone’s wrist either.

#3 Pearl Jewelry

So then, of course there are pearls, which are absolutely having a moment right now. They represent strength and are a timeless classic. Pearl jewelry has expanded well beyond classic pearl strands that you’ll see on the Queen Mother - you’ll find that classic right beside fashion forward choices today.

Pearl Earrings

These pearl earrings have a drop style with diamond accents and detailed filigree settings. They are both elegant and fashionable at the same time. They’re sure to become a staple in her wardrobe, and best part, she’ll think of you whenever she’s wearing them.

Pearl Station Necklace

Often called a "by the yard necklace", this station necklace is a more fashion-forward alternative to the traditional pearl necklace.

Mana Black Pearl Earrings

This pair of earrings is among our top sellers. The black pearl is carefullly couched inside an extended loop sterling silver setting. When she receives this gift she’ll know that you really care, without making a big, bold statement.

#4 Birthstone Jewelry

Another jewelry gift go-to is birthstone jewelry. Birthstone jewelry is a special gift, as it shows that you’ve taken the time to research the appropriate gemstone for the birth month and chosen something just right for her personality - and don’t worry, it’s not that much effort and we’ll guide you in the right direction! Birthstone jewelry design has expanded over the years to include beautiful fashion pieces.

Emerald Bezel Set Stud Earrings

Emerald’s? Yes, please! These stud earrings are a perfect example of a gift that let’s someone know that you care without going too far.

Peridot Earrings

Does she have an August birth month? Then these peridot earrings will be a great hit. Set in sterling silver with a rope accent they have a perfect blend of color and visual interest.

Ruby Bezel Set Pendant

This lovely bezel set ruby pendant will make a perfect addition to most any wardrobe.

You can also see our full list of birth months and associated gemstones >>

#5 Watches

Despite the invention of a cell phone, people are still wearing watches. In fact, we’re selling more than ever! And better yet, your love will have no excuse for being late for your next date!

Tissot Flamingo

This watch is a fan favorite around our store. It looks fantastic - and even better in person.

Tissot Bridgeport Lady

The Bridgeport is a classic and elegant watch. It’s great for the business professional that wants to look classy.

Michele Violet Deco Sport

For the fun and vibrant person that loves a pop of color, the Violet Deco is a great choice. It has small gemstones set in the 1 - 5 and 7 - 11 positions and the quilted violet strap is interchangeable with other 18mm Michele watch straps so your love can mix and match band colors.

I hope this gave you some ideas on what works, but it’s just as important to know what to avoid. So, be sure to think about avoiding these potential mishaps.

  1. Don’t buy a fashion ring! Presenting a wrapped ring-sized box to someone provokes all kinds of feelings that could potentially end in disappointment. Don’t put yourself in this situation.
  2. Avoid heart jewelry unless you are prepared to have the “I love you” conversation. If you are at this point in your relationship – congratulations - perhaps heart jewelry would be appropriate, but proceed with caution.
  3. Don’t buy what she won’t wear. Pay attention to the metal color your love wears (silver, white, yellow, rose gold), her overall style, and any other jewelry she may wear. If her style is more conservative, let us know – we will steer you in the right directions. If she’s more fashion forward, you can be a bit more bold with your selection. But no matter what, just be sure to pay attention. She won’t enjoy wearing something that she doesn’t like simply because you bought it.

I hope this helped you decide on a way to make your love feel special, without going so far as to make things awkward. Don't forget, though, when that special someone turns into "the one" we have you covered with every possible option of engagement rings, and we are happy to help guide you through the entire process with expert knowledge and no-pressure decision making.