Top Ten Proposal Ideas During Lockdown

Top Ten Proposal Ideas During Lockdown

What to do? You're stuck at home and everything seems to be on hold, but life doesn't just come to a full stop. You still want to marry the love of your life but you're stuck inside all the time.

Well, to help you our of your rut, we present to you a few ideas on how to propose from home during lockdown.

Originally this post was a humorous post with some funny jokes, but we've been getting a lot of interest in people looking for serious ideas on how to propose during lockdown, so here are some that we've come up with.

10. Create a fun scavenger hunt through the house and/or yard. At the end of the scavenger hunt, when they find the ring, you get down on one knee.

9. Get a nice necklace as a gift. After they open it offer to put it on. They will turn around to have you put it on. When they turn back around to look at you present the ring and propose.

8. If you're both runners, go out and write love messages along your running route. Then, invite them out for a run. At the last message, present the ring and propose.

7. Put a “Will You Marry Me” sign in the fridge and then ask them to get something for you. Bonus points if you have a hidden camera in the fridge that catches their reaction.

6. Get a group of friends and family to write messages and posters. Then, coordinate everyone to drive by with the messages. While that's happening get down on one knee and present the ring. This is a good opportunity to have someone recording the event on video, too.

5. If you have a dog, tie a "will you marry me" sign to the dog. When they notice, get down on one knee and propose.

4. Make breakfast in bed and put the ring box on the tray. When they open it get down on one knee and propose.

3. Find a company that makes a private label wine. Make your own custom label with "will you marry me?" on it. Then, make a nice meal and tie the ring to a ribbon and hang it on the bottle.

2. Write a love letter. Tell them what they mean to you and propose in the letter. Then mail it to them and be sure to be there when they open the mail. When they are done reading get down on one knee and present the ring.

1. Write down your “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being Quarantined With You” and make the last one say “Will you quarantine with me for the rest of your life?” When they are done reading get down on one knee and present the ring.

If you use any of these ideas please get in touch and let us know - text us at 603-749-3129.Good luck and have fun!

Original Humorous Post

Let's face it, it's tough being cooped up in the house. We need a little outlet here and there, so we thought we would share a little humor with you. This is not intended to make light of the current situation at all but is meant to be a way to have a little light-hearted fun.

So, without further ado, here's the Top Ten Proposal Ideas During Lockdown

Marriage Proposal 6 feet apart

10. I figured if we are going to be in lock down I better lock this down.

9. If my arms were 3 feet longer I'd put a ring on it.

8. Alexa, send her a ring and include a romantic question about sheltering in place together

7. If covid19 doesn't take you out, can I?

6. You are more important to me than toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Will you be my quarantine partner for life?

5. Our love is more rare than an N95 mask. Let's get quarantined forever

4. Would you be my lifetime shelter in place partner?

3. Tomorrow via FedEx, tracking number 789284369, you will receive a package from me with a special box inside. Call me after you've opened it. I have a question for you.

2. Are you out of toilet paper? Because I can be your Prince Charmin

And the number one Proposal Idea During Lockdown is…

1. Beyoncé told me to put a ring on it... It's on the front porch... Put it on...