Where Did He Get The Ring?

Where Did He Get The Ring?

Did you know that when a woman becomes engaged, she is asked two questions before any other: 1) How did he propose? and 2) Where did he buy the ring? That’s right, where he purchased the ring becomes as important as how the ring looks, what the proposal story is and what pictures were captured for social media.

Couple getting engaged in Washington DC

An engagement ring, like the love behind it, is a lifelong commitment. It is an investment in your future and even a family heirloom. Like investing money and buying a home, picking out the perfect diamond engagement ring requires the same thought and planning and, most importantly, requires a trusted advisor.

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Since 1981, Jewelry Creations has served area residents as the local jeweler of choice for diamond and fashion jewelry, repair and custom design. Our team collectively has over a hundred years in the jewelry business and our reputation has been built on trust and quality. We serve multigenerational customers daily and it doesn’t take long for those new customers walking through the door to quickly become family too.

You won’t find pushy sales people at Jewelry Creations. Although you will be greeted by our 4-legged furry Chief Security Officer, Miles, who will insist you pet him! Instead, you will be met with our unwavering commitment to finding you the perfect ring for your love story. We encourage you to inspect our diamonds under the microscope, ask lots of questions and truly enjoy the process.

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Every diamond engagement ring from Jewelry Creations comes with a free appraisal, one free sizing, and lifelong complimentary cleanings. You will even earn 5% of your purchase in rewards points for a future purchase, like wedding bands. We even provide a "bridal bag" with some goodies for your soon-to-be.

At Jewelry Creations, we like to say, "if only jewelry could talk; think of the stories it could tell." Every day, we repair, restore and clean jewelry that has been passed down from one generation to another. The trust placed in our team, from our sales staff to our bench jewelers, has been earned over many projects and many more years. Owning a jewelry store in the heart of the downtown business community isn’t only about selling jewelry. It’s about operating with integrity, caring about people and taking very seriously the responsibility that comes with playing a role in love stories.

So, when she’s asked, “Where did he buy the ring,” you can be proud that her answer will be Jewelry Creations — where love inspires us every day.