Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

While we're all stuck inside Zoom is the place to be right now. It's a great way for everyone to collaborate while working from home.

Zoom has a cool feature that allows you to change your "virtual background". This option lets you choose what is in your background while in the conference. It's pretty fun, and some people have come up with some pretty clever screens for themselves to use. One guy even created a Zoom background of himself walking in on himself while in the conference!

We figured we would have some fun and put a few together so that you can show off your sparkle.

Click (or tap) on each image below for the full size version. If you're on a mobile device, after the image loads, just do a "long press" and choose to save to your camera roll.

And here's a link to Zoom's support site with instructions on setting them up.

Happy Zooming!

If you want to show your sassy side, check out the "Stay Sassy" background:

Stay sassy Zoom Background

Next up, if you like life "Under the Sea" you'll enjoy this one: 

Under the Sea "You're Beautiful" Zoom Background

And of course, we need diamonds!

Zoom Background with diamonds on blue background

And yet more diamonds!

Zoom Background with diamonds on multi-color backdrop

And finally, don't be afraid to spread your wings and show everyone the angel that you are:

Zoom Image with Angel Wings