From Drab to Fab!

From Drab to Fab!

June is custom design month at Jewelry Creations

Jewelry is a timeless treasure; unique pieces passed down for generations. We have a saying here at Jewelry Creations; “if only jewelry could talk, the stories it could tell.”

Most people have sentimental jewelry with a very special story. Maybe it’s worn, needs at little TLC or perhaps the style is a bit outdated. Bring your jewelry box to us! Our jewelers will meet with you for a FREE design consultation. No commitment on your part, but a chance to imagine what the possibilities are.

Custom design is one of our favorite jobs. Having a chance to play a role in recreating a piece of jewelry, giving it new life and adding to its story is truly an honor. We have transformed thousands of pieces of jewelry over the last 40 years and are proud to have been chosen as the Region’s number one jeweler for the last 24 years.

If you are thinking about a custom design project, this is the time to do it. Call us at 749-3129 to schedule an appointment and save $100 off any custom design project of $500 or more for the entire month of June.