In August Turn Repair Work Into Free Store Credit

In August Turn Repair Work Into Free Store Credit

While you're at the beach sunning yourself and enjoying the weather you can earn free store credit towards future purchases!

Have you been wanting those prongs re-tipped? Have a piece of jewelry sitting in your box that you don't wear because you're afraid of a loose stone? Maybe you are ready to go ahead and get that custom project done.

Well, you're in luck because during the month of August for every $100 you spend in jewelry repair or custom design work we will give you $10 in store credit for future purchases. The credit you earn stays on your account and does not expire.

Jewelry Creations has two full-time bench jewelers on-site, which means your precious jewelry never leaves our store while being repaired. That's peace of mind you won't find at every jewelry store.

When you bring jewelry to us for repair, our expert team will evaluate the work that needs to be done, invite you to look at it under a magnified scope to show you exactly what will be done, and give you an immediate cost estimate.

So don't wait, and don't miss this opportunity to take care of that repair, or custom piece that you've been holding off on. Visit us in-store or call us at 603-749-3129 for more information.

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