Spread The Love With Us

Spread The Love With Us

Spread the love with Jewelry Creation Nation

At Jewelry Creations, love is never postponed.

How lucky are we to be in the business of love and to have the honor of sharing in our clients’ most memorable celebrations?! Pinch us – we must be dreaming!!

And while we soak up every drop of our customers happiness, we know all too well that this past year has been a challenging one – for everyone and for such different reasons.

Despite that, we have watched as this incredible community has come together to support local businesses, fill the shelves of struggling food pantries, encourage and lift-up our local healthcare champions – and so much more! In our very own store, we witnessed an outpouring of support and a movement to shift shopping local. We realized it through the pandemic and especially during the holiday season and we are eternally grateful.

So, it is time for us to spread the love! For this entire year (yep, all of 2021), we will give away a $100 gift card to a locally owned and operated seacoast restaurant with every engagement ring purchase over $5,000. These are gift cards that we will purchase to help support our fellow business owners, who really have become our friends.

Restaurant scene pre-COVID filled with people

We are so lucky to be in the business of love; we never ever take that for granted. And doing business in this wonderful community is really the icing on the cake (mmmm..cake). We are proud to help support the local restaurant industry and, of course, happy to spread the love.