Wishlist Days 2022

Wishlist Days 2022

We're excited to announce our "Wishlist Days" this year! Don't miss your chance to win a basket of skin and health care goodies valued at $500 from our friends at Skin Health Medi-Spa! 

Wishlist Days are all about just that - a chance to add items to your wishlist so that a certain someone (or someones) knows exactly what you love. Just browse around, let us know what you like, and we'll store that information with your account so that it can be easily found later.

This year we will be celebrating for two days on November 10 & 11. It will be your chance to enjoy champagne, wine and hors d'oeuvres - and the best part - get entered into a chance to win $500 worth of product and services from our friends at Skin Health Medi Spa! No purchase is necessary, just come into the store on those days to enter the drawing.

Included in the basket are various hand creams, skin health products, hair products, moisturizers, a hair brush, a travel mug, cosmetic cloths, and a $250 gift certificate redeemable for products or services at Skin health Medi-Spa.

Gift Basket from Skin Health Medi-Spa

Appointments are not required, but if you would like to make an appointment we are happy to accommodate! Just call or text 603-749-3129 and we will secure your spot.