Custom Jewelry Design

Taking our customers' meaningful stories and crafting them into a fine piece of jewelry that can be enjoyed for generations is our true passion. We love to create custom pieces that are as unique as each of our customers - and as unique as their love stories.

Some people approach us with family heirlooms that need to be "freshened up". We'll often take gemstones out of an old, dated, piece of jewelry and put those  into a new piece that is more modern and thus more likely to be worn. "There's no point in jewelry that sits in a box," we always say.

For example, we took the diamonds out of the pendant you see below and re-fashioned the diamonds into a more modern piece that is ready to be worn on a daily basis.

Diamond Ring and Old Pendant

There are other customers that treasure their family heirlooms but the piece gets so worn that they can no longer wear it without fear of gemstones falling out and getting lost. In those cases we can recreate the entire piece from the ground up, using the same gemstones from the original piece. The piece then becomes as new as the day it was first created using the same important parts from the original, and is now ready for another generation of use! Below is one example of a recreation of a family heirloom.

Then, of course, there are always "the dreamers". They have an idea and want to see it executed as a fine piece of jewelry. No matter what you want, we have the skills and the tools to make you a custom piece from the ground up. It all starts with the initial consultation where you will meet with one of our expert team members. We will sketch ideas, talk about what you're looking to create, and consult with the jewelers - all to make your dream a reality.

From that consultation, your jewelry is created in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and an image rendering is made. We share the image with you and discuss any tweaks or updates you want to make. When it's just to your liking, we take the CAD design and turn it into a "wax model". Really, in today's jewelry making it's not wax, but is plastic because it is 3D printed to the exact shape and size of the casting. With that 3D printed mold you will actually be able to put the piece on, and we can set the gemstones in it so you can see what it will look like as a finished piece.

Once you've approved that mold, we have it casted and it comes back to you in the shape of a finished piece that you will have created - and only you will have it!

Example of custom design ring

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