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Next Event: June 4, 2024 - June 6, 2024

We are always excited to host our friends from National Rarities to conduct an estate buying event right here in our store.

If you have unused valuables lying around gathering dust then you can't afford to miss this semi-annual 3-day event. With no appointment necessary, National Rarities can provide you with a free in-person evaluation of those items, and a no obligation offer to buy them.

Our next event with National Rarities is scheduled for June 4th, 5th, and 6th, from 10 AM - 5:30PM each day. Please note that Thursday is our late night and we are open until 7, but the staff at National Rarities will have to wrap up at 5:30 on that night.

Special Offer: If you accept payment in store credit we will give you an additional 20% over the offer price! That's right, it's the perfect time to trade in jewelry that you don't wear for jewelry that you actually will wear!

National Rarities staff reviewing jewelry

Since 2009, National Rarities has been the leading nationwide gold and estate buyers, invested in serving customers with integrity and honesty. Their team of specialists are industry professionals with decades of invaluable experience and knowledge. This includes eight GIA Graduate Gemologists to evaluate jewelry, a certified watchmaker (CW21) and experts versed in fine art, collectibles, and military memorabilia.

Check out the selling guide below for a general outline of what National Rarities buys most frequently. Please note that it’s impossible to include information on all the items that may be purchased. The prices offered will vary based on condition of the items, market value and demand.

Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry

National Rarities buys a large variety of jewelry. When reviewing pieces they consider the type of metal, stones, designer, condition, and quality. They will start off by asking a few questions about the pieces while looking them over. Typical questions are: Why are you selling this item? Who owned the piece?

Coins and Currency

Coins and Currency

They also purchase a wide variety of coins, such as old United States currency, some foreign currency and numismatic and bullion coins. While they accept most coins, we most often see dimes, quarters, and half dollars from the mid-1900s.

Scrap Gold & Silver

Scrap Gold and Silver

National Rarities will purchase gold in necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. in all kinds of karats and purity. They also buy white gold, rose gold, and dental gold.



National Rarities will buy natural diamonds of any cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Diamonds can be loose or mounted stones. Their graduate gemologists and accredited jewelry professionals on staff will grade and identify your stone. They are equipped with the proper tools necessary for testing a diamond's authenticity, measurements, and characteristics. The four characteristics of diamonds we examine are the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

Sterling Silver


The most common type of silver that they buy is Sterling Silver. These are marked somewhere on the item with “Sterling” or “925”. While more rare, we do buy coin silver. Coin silver is strictly made in the United States and is usually marked with “COIN” or “PURE COIN”.

Although commonly mistaken as Sterling Silver, they do not buy “Silver Plated” items. Silver Plated items have an outside layer of Sterling Silver but have nickel or base metal underneath that layer. To tell whether the item you have is plated, check for the Sterling Silver markings known as hallmarks (often STERLING or .925 . 835 etc). Silver Plated is hard and will not bend like Sterling or Coin silver.



National Rarities purchase all sorts of brand name and upscale watches, such as Rolex, Tissot, Elgin, etc. While they purchase an array of watches, there are three specific movements that they are looking for. These are manual mechanical, automatic mechanical, and quartz battery operated watches.



They buy an array of rarities, including pipes, toys, sports memorabilia, military memorabilia, old autographs, photographs/tintypes, etc. They will be looking for rarity, condition, quality, and demand when purchasing antiques. These characteristics help them determine the current market value of each item.

Fine Art & Luxury Goods

Luxury Goods and Artwork

Finally, National Rarities will purchase a wide variety of luxury goods and fine art pieces including designer handbags, original artwork by known artists, pens and more.

Typically Not Purchased

China, Crystal, and Glassware

With changing times, less and less people are entertaining like they used to. Younger generations aren’t registering for these types of items when getting married and prefer an easier method of cleaning with the ability to add everything into the dishwasher. The best way to resell these items would be on consignment at your local antique shop.

Silver Plate

Although commonly mistaken as Sterling Silver, National Rarities does not buy Silver Plated items. Silver Plated items have an outside layer of Sterling Silver but have base metal underneath that layer. To tell whether the item you have is plated, check for the Sterling Silver hallmark, and refer to the Sterling Silver category above.

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