Meet The Owners

Hi, I’m Kelly Glennon and my husband, Doug and I are the proud owners of Jewelry Creations.

Prior to purchasing the business, I spent 20 years in the community banking industry and Doug as a computer programmer. So why a jewelry store? This is a question we get asked often.

The truth is that I am a hopeless romantic in every sense. I have always dreamed of owning a business in Dover, my hometown, and being able to collaborate with other business owners to showcase the city that I love.

So, when the opportunity to purchase Jewelry Creations was presented, I jumped – with my whole heart – into what has become a fairy tale. I am surrounded daily by stories that are so real, so special and I get to be part of them; albeit a small part, but I’ll take it!

Jewelry is emotional. Any given day here at the store brings the happiness of watching someone buy an engagement ring or a couple purchase their wedding bands as they begin to start their new lives together. We celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, etc. And I mean we CELEBRATE here – any excuse for cake and maybe champagne too!

And some days are harder than others. Some days bring a widower in looking to find some way to capture a memory and create a keepsake that will provide comfort and ease the pain of such an inexplicable loss. The fact that my team can make something with such emotional significance gives me goosebumps and reminds me exactly why Doug and I own this business.

I’m in the business of love – of sharing in special memories and creating new ones. I work alongside my true love every day and am fueled by the endless support and encouragement he provides me.

If I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you already, I look forward to doing so soon. And I look forward to playing a small role in your love story too!