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About Our Spark Collection

Picture of Doug and Kelly GlennonNothing pleases us more than being in the business of making memories. We are so incredibly honored to share in some of life’s most memorable moments and to celebrate right alongside our customers; many of whom become our friends. We are truly blessed beyond measure.

When we first purchased Jewelry Creations, we had a vision of launching a line of beautiful jewelry that could only be found at our store. We have worked for years now working on designs, selecting diamonds and searching for the highest quality manufacturer. We know in our hearts that THIS is what our customers deserve. We couldn’t be more proud to put our name on this new product line.

Model wearing Spark by Jewelry Creations

It is with much enthusiasm and great pride that we officially announce the launch of Spark, available exclusively at Jewelry Creations! Manufactured 100% in the USA, Spark features high quality and exceptionally beautiful diamond jewelry that you will appreciate the minute you put it on. Rings from the Spark collection are die-struck, meaning they are made from a solid piece of metal, created in a high-pressure vacuum at high temperatures; free of the pitting and porosity found in most rings available in retail jewelry stores. And our manufacturer uses a proprietary split-shared prong setting; allowing for maximum security of the diamonds and a much better return of light than standard prong settings.

Spark features jewelry manufactured with Grade One Metal. This means that the metal itself is whiter, even before the manufacturing process begins. The World Gold Council identifies four grades of metal – one through four – with one being the highest quality.

Model wearing Spark by Jewelry Creations

All pieces from the collection are available in 14kt and 18kt white gold, 14 and 18kt yellow gold, 14 and 18kt rose gold, as well as platinum. And let’s not forget about the real “spark” in Spark – the diamonds! We had very high standards when selecting the diamond quality for this line and you can tell by looking at it. In fact, anyone on the other side of the room will be able to tell too! 100% of the diamonds used in Spark are VS in clarity and GH in color, which is one to two color and clarity grades above diamonds used in most commercial jewelry.

We have showcased a sampling of styles from Spark in our store for the last couple of months and have been so excited to see the response. We truly love what we do and having this new line that is available only to our loyal customers is a dream come true! We have no doubt you will love it as much as we do, so we invite you to come check-out the full line at our 3-day launch party taking place November 14-16. Enjoy some bubbly and fall in love with Spark – just in time to add to your Wishlist. See you soon!

Model wearing Spark by Jewelry Creations Model wearing Spark by Jewelry Creations Model wearing Spark by Jewelry Creations